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Spectator Photos South Africa

The ultimate showcase for sports photographers of all abilities - unofficial race photo gallery


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Try searching for your photos using the Event Name and Your Name or participant Bib Number.

It may help to include other relevant words such as the event sponsor or month


- for photos of John Smith in Comrades Marathon search for: 2014 Comrades Marathon John Smith

- for photos of participant 14173 in Comrades Marathon search for: 2014 Comrades Marathon 14173

- it may help to include additional information such as the sponsor or month of the event, e.g.: 2014 Comrades Marathon John Smith May

- for single or double digit bib numbers it may be necessary to include leading zeros, e.g. for bib Number 3 search for 003 (this depends on how the photographer has entered the bib numbers)

Note: Searching using Your Name does not always provide results but it is worth a try !! Searching using participant bib number is more reliable.

It is necessary to include an Event Name when searching using Your Name otherwise not all results will be shown.

Past events

List of past events - search by participant name is not always successful but worth a try!

Search for all available event photos, your photos and other photos using generic search terms.

Use the check boxes below to select search criteria.

Enter search terms such as Event Name, Participant Number, Date of Event, Photographer Name.

e.g. for all available Great South Run photos enter: 2010 great south run portsmouth

Note: this search facility does not support search by participant name

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