Sellers Guide to using Spectator Photos Website:

Before uploading files check the following:

·        File Format:  JPEG / JPG file format is the only picture file format currently supported

·        File Size: - files of up to 2 MB (subject to change) can be uploaded. 

·        Larger files will take longer to upload so a file size of between 250kB & 500kB is recommended (approx. 1200 x 900 pixels).  

·         View photos that you uploaded in the thumbnail view on the website or in a separate window on your computer while uploading, or alternatively record details about each photo (e.g. competitor number, location, etc) before uploading to help when adding information about the photos


Uploading photos:

·        Register & Log In: you will need to register an account and be logged in to this account to upload photos for selling. 


·        Identify photos for uploading  by using the ‘Browse’ button to find the files on your computer.  Up to 10 photos can be uploaded at a time when logged in to your account.

·        Photos will be visible in the reverse order that they are uploaded so it is suggested that you upload in the reverse order, i.e. put the first photo in position 10 and the last in position 1.

·        Click the 'continue' button and wait for the photos to upload onto the server. -  time taken to upload depends on file sizes and internet connection speed.

·        Note: If the files are too large the web page will time out.

·        A message will display when files are uploaded successfully,  click 'continue' to move to the next step



Adding photo information:


·        Use the dropdown list to add photos to the relevant photo album,  these are normally arranged by event type / year / month of event.  Use the generic album titled with the month the event took place unless the event is specifically featured.

·        Add event information in the Title - ensure that you include the full event name as advertised by the event organiser (with correct spelling), the location and date (month written in full) as this information will be used by customers when searching for photos.

·        Add any other optional information in the text field that may be relevant and help the customer find the photo  - e,g. race start.,  7 mile mark,  time of the photo, etc.

·        Add competitor numbers -  these will be used by customers to search for their personal photos. 

·        Add competitor numbers for all competitors visible in the photo, separate numbers by commas.  Suggestion: if a single digit in a competitor number is not clear in the photo enter both possibilities  e.g. 7568 or 7588,  5234,  6269, 3543, 2716.  The search engine will find this and the competitor can then check if they are in the photo. To facilitate finding photos where competitor numbers consist of fewer digits than the majority of competitors add leading zeros - e.g. 0007, 9867, 0098, 1234,

·        Use the dropdown list to include a selling price for your photo (note: this is the customer price and includes administration and transaction fees)

·        Click continue to move to the next photo for adding details. 

·        Details entered for Album, Title, Additional information and Price will be retained for subsequent photos. Competitor numbers will be re-set for each new photo. 

·        Note:  the order that photos are displayed may not be in the order that they were uploaded. 

·        Remember to check that all details are correct before continuing - it will not be possible to change file details later (files can be deleted and uploaded again).

·        Files will be displayed on the website with a watermark partially obscuring the picture after administration approval.   This watermark is removed when a customer buys the photo so do not add any additional watermarks to your photos. (No watermark is added if the photo price is set to zero)



Batch Uploads:

·        Batch uploading is available for users paying subscriptions, this is not yet fully implemented. User instructions can be found by going to Batch Uploads


Payment for photos:

·        Details of photo sales earnings are automatically registered in your 'user profile'  when the sales transaction is processed.  The total sales value less administration fee is displayed as your account earnings.

·        When your account balance is greater than £50 or equivalent (or 6 months has lapsed since last payment)  you can request payment of your earnings by by logging into your account section from user profile and using the standard request form to request payout from administration.

·        Payment will be made by means of Paypal transaction so it is important to set up a Paypal account before requesting payment so that your earnings can be transferred to you. 

·        Note: the email registered in your user spectator-photos profile will be used to make payment therefore it is important that this email is also registered in your Paypal account. 

·        Earnings will be paid after account details and payment amount have been confirmed and validated.




Enjoy your photography and good luck with sales !