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As a regular distance runner and occasional cyclist I am very aware that there are frequently a number of spectators along the event route who have digital cameras to photograph the event and family members. My wife has also attended these events on many occasions and has happily snapped away taking some wonderful photos of participants with no chance of the subjects ever being aware of the existence of the masterpieces. Sadly she has not managed to capture many photos of me ( although I do have some lovely photos of my arm, shoes, the back of my head as well as the runners in front of me !!). I'm sure there are many amateur photographers or spectators who have also taken some truly fantastic photographs featuring me in the picture, to the photographer these will have very little significance and my photo will just be one of many photos taken that will probably end up deleted ( these photos may contain pictures of arms, legs or the back of the head of their family members running in the event).

As with many photographic moments it is important to have a combination of artistic composure and situation (right time and place) to capture the perfect picture for the album. Professional photographers who attend the events play an extremely important role in capturing the excellent action / portrait pictures but they cannot be positioned along the complete course to capture many additional photos of the more meaningful situational moments that make an important contribution to the family album (such as stepping into a puddle, being overtaken by Bob the Builder or running faster than Superman ). The aim of this website is to provide the opportunity for the photographic enthusiast to share many of the photos taken with the participants photographed, the added benefit is an opportunity to earn a financial reward for the effort. The price tag is entirely dependent on the photographer selling the picture, it can be made available free of charge or sold, provided the price is right and the photo good there will always be an interested customer.

This concept was born many years ago and it is a dream come true to have a reality up and running in 2009. It is the intention to keep overheads to a minimum and this is achievable as a small operation. The administration fee is mainly to cover website management / maintenance as well as financial transaction fees imposed by credit card companies etc.). The website acts as a platform for sharing the photos and the photograph copyright ownership remains with the photographer, please refer to terms and conditions for more details. We already have a large number of suggestions for improving the website that will be implemented progressively (time permitting). We also welcome further suggestions to improve the site and it's usefulness to both event participants and photographers alike.

Thank you for your contribution to the ongoing success of this website.

Andrew, Cecilia & the team at